Titled Land: The Benefits of Building Sooner

Titled Lots

Purchasing land is an exciting venture, no matter if it’s your first time, your second or one of many!

With titled land now selling and ready to build on at Botanic Ridge, you can call our thriving community your home sooner. Choosing to purchase titled land can set you up for success and also reduce any risks at settlement, because the land valuation is taken at the current time, and not in the future.

What is a land title?
A land title is a legally binding document that establishes the rightful owner of a piece of land.
Before any construction can begin, obtaining and registering this document with the Land Registry is essential. Once the land title has been properly registered, you will be able to proceed with your building plans.

Titled land is a great solution if you would like to start building your home within a shorter timeframe. Because the land is already titled, the process is quicker and more simple, the approvals procedure can start immediately, and you can take ownership swiftly. This allows for a more specific timeframe of completion, giving you peace of mind and the ability to plan your next steps. Accordingly, this leads to reduced settlement risk as your valuation will be undertaken in the current time period rather than a future date.

Another advantage of titled land is that builders can begin work as soon as the title is registered.
This means that construction can commence sooner, getting you closer to your dream home and reducing the wait time. This also mitigates the risk of development handover drifting past its original estimated title date, which can trigger build cost escalations built into HIA build contracts.

At Botanic Ridge, our thriving masterplanned community is home to more spacious and established living, connecting you to everything you need for convenience and a life of enjoyment. With titled land now selling, there’s an excellent opportunity for you to live here sooner.

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