Stage 24D Construction is Well Underway

In an exciting advancement for future residents, the second last release of Botanic Ridge is well and truly underway.
Stage 24D is starting to take form following the pavement subgrade installation last month and the recent commencement of the water main installation.
It’s not hard to envision your dream life with walking trails now complete along throughout the Estate. The Bayport Drive wetland is also taking shape – earthworks are officially complete and we’ve started adding greenery to the area. Once the aquatic plants are in the wetland, it will be a peaceful sanctuary for a range of local flora and fauna.
To keep the little ones entertained, we’ll be adding a second playground adjacent to the wetland, including slides, adventure equipment and a flying fox.
As with any well-rounded park precinct, there’ll be BBQ facilities for weekend catch-ups and a dedicated dog park for the furry friends. No one misses out in Botanic Ridge.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Botanic Ridge progresses.

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