Botanic Ridge Construction is Hitting the Nail on the Head

We’re Inching Towards the Finish Line

Construction is moving along nicely at Botanic Ridge with several stages undergoing significant progress lately. This vibrant community is in the final chapters of development, and it is shaping into a magnificent neighbourhood that many families are already proud to call home.

We are excited to announce that earthworks in the Wetlands Basin have been completed and the installation of drainage is underway. This will be a stunning natural area that we are thrilled to see come to life.

A number of builders have moved in and commenced construction in The Willows and The Wattle, as part of Stage 22. We are eager to witness their progress in the coming months.

It has been an exciting beginning to June for several purchasers in The Myrtle and Blackwood Releases in Stage 23, as they settled their properties this week!

Electrical works have been completed in Stage 24A, the Waratah Release. The expansive rock retaining walls that will bracket the rolling streetscapes have also begun being built and are already looking fantastic. Stage 24B, Banksia Release has had earthworks completed and development of the sewer systems is underway.

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